We raise small batches of pigs on pasture: they are free to root, forage, and wallow. They also receive local, non-gmo grain and vegetable waste.

  1. Whole Hog: approximately 140 pounds of meat, organs, and lard. Buying a whole hog is the most economical way to buy pastured pork. You will have the chance to customize your cuts with our butcher (we can also help make suggestions if you are unsure). $4.25/lb for an estimated $595 (price will change if we are a few pounds off on our live weight goal at processing).
  2. Half Hog: approximately 70 pounds of meat, organs, and lard. $4.50/lb for an estimated $315

We realize this is a big investment, so you're invited to visit the farm and see how your pork is raised.


Our birds are moved twice daily on pasture, picking out weeds and bugs and helping fertilize our land. They get local, non-gmo grain, no growth hormones or antibiotics, and no meat scraps. We process the chickens on-farm for minimal transport stress and to engage with the slaughter ourselves. They can be picked up on farm for $4.50/lb on processing day or $4.75/lb once they are taking up our freezer space. We will have birds available the first week of June this year.


Email lazyheronfarm@gmail.com to reserve your pork or chicken. No payment required until pick-up.