Lazy Heron Farm is a small, horse-powered vegetable farm in Norwood, NC. We grow a wide variety of produce for a CSA and farmers markets.

The primary objective of our farm is to nourish our community, both the people and the land, by providing our neighbors with high quality, sustainably produced food, and by using growing methods that are rooted in active regeneration of soil through cover cropping, locally sourced compost, and nurturing a complex natural system of organisms.



WHY HORSES? Using draft animal power is an intentional, humbling choice which forces us to reckon with the rhythms of the natural world and grounds us in environmental limits. On our small scale, we find that the horses provide an appropriate amount of power, while encouraging us to be conscious of every soil working move we make. We like that they are light on the soil, are fueled by grass, and what comes out the back end turns into compost!

FARM-BASED FERTILITY: We use a carefully designed cover crop program as well as compost produced on farm or sourced from neighbors.  These practices go well beyond organic certification standards and avoid industrial amendments produced as byproducts of 'factory farms'.  We don't use any agrichemicals: synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and genetically modified crops have no place on our farm.

PLANT POSITIVE:  Biologically active soil supports healthy plants which are less likely to succumb to insect pests and disease.  In order to create healthy, living soil, we maintain a high organic matter content and do not destroy soil structure through repeated tillage or chemical inputs.  An intentional crop rotation plan and specified insect habitat around the farm create a diverse environment that allows ecological balance to keep pests in check.