Holt  grew up in Tennessee swimming, playing baseball, and later, gardening. While in college he co-managed Long Lane Farm, the Wesleyan University student run market garden. He has worked on CSA farms in Middle Tennessee and family farms in Vermont and Maine where he learned to work draft horses.



Hailey grew up in Texas, and although she was consistently covered in dirt, it wasn’t until working at Long Lane Farm that she discovered her love of growing veggies. Since then she has worked on a small family farm in northern Vermont, and on an organic seed company farm where she’s gotten to know the unique personalities and quirks of all sorts of oddball vegetable varieties. 



Ben grew up moving about many places, but spent most of his childhood in Washington D.C. At Long Lane Farm he discovered his love for growing plants, pulling weeds, and picking vegetables, and he has since worked on CSA vegetable/livestock farms in Tennessee and Maine. 



Kate and Sunny are Suffolk Punch draft horses who work with us preparing the soil and cultivating crops. They have been a team for about six years, in New Hampshire, the Hudson Valley, and now at Lazy Heron. Kate is a sweet, older mare who has seen it all. She is rarely rattled and has a wonderful calming demeanor, though she hasn't lost her power just yet. Sunny is an exceptionally enthusiastic, strong horse just now hitting his prime. He loves working in harness, showing off his pulling potential, though he needs some reassurance now and then!